A. Steps for Hospitalization


◻ About documents to be submitted

Please submit the following items.
1. National ID
2. Insurance card (if you have insurance)
3. Co-signer application
4. Visitor registration sheet
5. Deposit

◻ About hospitalization Fee

• Hospitalization fee includes doctor’s consultation fee, nursing fee, meal expenses, hospital facility fee and amenity fee.
• We will hand over your payment information for the day and your estimation for the next day at around 4pm everyday.
• Finalized billing amount is subtracted from the deposit you made at the time of your admission to the hospital.
• If the balance of your deposit is insufficient or credit card is chosen for the payment method, the fee for the previous week is billed on the following Monday every week.
• Please settle your payment within one week from the day you receive the bill.
• The balance of your deposit will be returned upon discharge.


B. Personal Items


◻ Items to bring

• Currently used medications or medication information
• Underwear (if not in diapers)
• Denture case (if using dentures)
• Denture cleaner (if using dentures)
• Earphones (We provide earphones, too. Please bring them if you wish to use your own earphones.)
※Please do not bring valuables and unnecessary cash.

◻ Amenity

• Bottle of Water
• Cup
• Tooth Brush(2sets)
• Comb
• Body Towel
• Swab(2×7sets)
• Slipper(Disposable)
• Razor(for men)
• Shave Gel(for men ※Only VIP)
• The balance of your deposit will be returned upon discharge.


C. About Your Life during Hospitalization and Visitation


1. Hospital room
Our hospital rooms are “VIP”, “ICU” and “General”.


• The fee for the day is generated at 12am.
• Smoking and alcohols are prohibited in our facility.
• Please be careful and protect your belongings from being stolen or lost inside our facility.
• Please use your earphones when you watch TV in the general hospital room.
• Going outside and bathing require permission from your doctor.

2. Meals

• Our meals are provided based on your doctor’s instruction for your medical condition. If you are going to eat other food, please check with the ward staff.
• Breakfast ”starts from 7:30am”, lunch “12:00pm”, dinner “6:00pm”.
• Your meal can be selected from Khmer cuisine or Japanese cuisine in our hospital.


• Please talk to our staff or dietitians if you have allergies, requests or concerns about your meal.
• Bringing in raw food is strictly prohibited for sanitary reasons.

D. About Visitation


1. Meeting Time
ICU ward: 1pm to 7pm

(※Please keep each visitation short to reduce the stress on the patient to be treated.)
General ward: 11am to 7pm Special ward (VIP): 24 hours

2. Visitors
Please understand that we prioritize the treatment of our patients and visitation may not be available in some cases in our hospital. Also, the visitation is age-restricted due to the possible infections that our hospitalized patients may get. This restriction is to provide our patients safe care environment and for children’s safety. We appreciate your understanding and cooperation.

※ICU ward: Children 0 to 6 years of age are prohibited.