A. Referral from Another Medical Facility

◻ Direct Appointment

An appointment for a consultation can be made for the referred patients by contacting us between 8:30 am and 5 pm by the day before the appointment. Please let us know the preferred date of the appointment and the department to make an appointment with.

◻ Required Information over the Phone/in the Email

1. The department of our hospital, doctor’s name (if you have a request), preferred date and time for the consultation
2. Name and phone number of the medical facility the patient is referred from
3. Name, sex, age, date of birth, address, phone number of the patient
4. Name of the insurance company and insurance number (if the patient has insurance)
5. Past consultation record in our hospital (if any)

◻ Personal Items

Please give the consultation documents (copies of medical records and test data) to
the patient so that he/she can bring them into our hospital.


B. About CT, MRI and Other Exams

We accept outside patients for imaging techniques (CT and MRI) and laboratory tests.

1) We accept patients for all types of tests including imaging techniques (CT and MRI), endoscopy, angiography, and blood draw. The list of the tests being performed in our hospital is as follows.

2) Please call us directly or email us to sign up.

3) Please let us know in advance if any of the following applies to the patient upon signing up as he/she may not be able to take the test(s).

【For patients who wish to have an MRI】

• use a heart pacemaker
• have metal (such as surgical clips in the skull and artificial valve) in the body
• is pregnant or may be pregnant
• is claustrophobic
• has asthma

【For patients who wish to have a 3D CT scan】

• is allergic to the iodine contrast agent
• has asthma
• has a thyroid disease
• is pregnant or may be pregnant

4) Please come to the reception at the arrival time, which is provided when the appointment is scheduled.

5) The test results are provided on the same day. (Please understand that some of the test results are provided at a later date.)