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2021/04/09  News

Thyroid function package, Tumor marker package, and Hepatitis package.

2021/04/08  News

Welcome the newest addition to the family!

2021/04/08  News

Talk to your Doctor ONLINE!

2021/04/08  News


2021/04/08  News

Sunrise Japan Hospital Telegram Channel

2021/04/02  News


2021/04/02  News


2021/04/02  News


2021/04/02  News

Clarification Statement for Facebook posted by the daughter of Covid-19 patient who passed away last 31st March 2021.

2021/04/01  News

Medicine delivery service is now available

2021/03/30  News

Announcement on infection control fee at Sunrise Japan Hospital

2021/03/23  News

Vaccine Package

2021/03/23  News

Welcome the newest addition to the family!

2021/03/11  News


2021/03/09  News

Happy Women's Day 8 March 2021

2021/03/09  News

Sunrise Japan Hospital features seven dedicated centers:

2021/02/25  News


2021/02/19  News

Family Lifestyle

2021/02/18  News

Family Lifestyle Event @AEON Mall Phnom Penh

2021/02/02  News

Sunday and Public Holiday Clinic Schedule for Pediatric Department on February 2021.

2021/01/28  News

Obstetrics and Gynecology Information are now available on our website

2021/01/18  News

Cashless insurance cooperation 2021

2021/01/14  News

Diabetic Retinopathy

2021/01/14  News

US Embassy Annual Health Fair: The New Normal Healthiness!

2021/01/06  News

Sunday​ and Public Holiday Clinic Schedule for Pediatric Department on January 2021

2020/12/31  News

Happy New Year 2021

2020/12/25  News

Tele-Consultation with Japanese eye specialist doctor

2020/12/12  News

What's distinctive about prenatal check-ups in Sunrise Japan Hospital?

2020/12/07  News

Quote of the week - “Daily love and kindness are the paths to a happy life”

2020/12/03  News

Influenza Vaccination Week

2020/11/28  News

Announcement about system outage​ down

2020/11/28  News

Announcement about system outage recovered

2020/11/26  News

“Emergency Preparedness for everyone’s safety “ 

2020/11/12  News


2020/11/10  News

Cambodia Independence Day 9 November 2020

2020/11/07  News


2020/11/07  News

Night Seminar Online: Postural Control in Post-stroke Patients

2020/11/06  News

Blood Donation Campaign 2020

2020/11/03  News

Happy 16th Coronation Anniversary of His Majesty King Norodom Sihamoni

2020/11/03  News

Happy Water Festival

2020/10/27  News

Sunday​ and Public Holiday Clinic Schedule for Pediatric Department on November 2020

2020/10/22  News

Consultation Schedule for Obsterstric and Gynecology on November 2020

2020/10/12  News

The new Obstetric Outpatient Department open on 4th November 2020

2020/10/10  News

Announcement of the change in gynecological consultation schedule​ for October

2020/10/02  News

Women Health Checkup Packages

2020/10/02  News

Sunday​ and Public Holiday Clinic Schedule for Pediatric Department on October 2020

2020/09/29  News

Gynecology service (OPEN NOW!)

2020/09/21  News

Gynecological consultation (Other than the regular health checkup)

2020/09/15  News

Happy Pchum Ben Festival

2020/09/14  News

Our Gynecology service will be opening on 28th September 2020

2020/09/10  News

Gynecologic Awareness Month

2020/09/08  News

Sunday​ and Public Holiday Clinic Schedule for Pediatric Department on September 2020

2020/09/04  News

September is gynecologic awareness month

2020/08/24  News

Everyday shines when we let our positive attitude shine through

2020/08/13  News

Announcement for Foreigners and Cambodian Travellers

2020/08/07  News

World Breastfeeding Awareness Week!

2020/08/06  News

Day 6 Special bonding time for mother and baby (love hormone)!

2020/08/06  News

Announcement substituted Khmer New Year Holiday

2020/08/04  News

Day 4: Contains antibodies that protect infant form certain illnessess

2020/08/04  News

Day 5: Free, anywhere, and anytime

2020/08/03  News

Day 1: Burn 500 Kcal/Day!

2020/08/03  News

Day 2: Right amount of nutrition!

2020/08/03  News

Day 3: Low rate of breast cancer and ovarian cancer!

2020/07/30  News

World Breastfeeding Week 1st to 7th August 2020

2020/07/28  News

28th July Word Hepatitis Day

2020/07/21  News

Where can I find counseling and treatment about Hepatitis?

2020/07/20  News

“Flowers are like friends; they bring color to your world. -unknown-

2020/07/20  News

The online lecture was given to nursing students at Nagano College of Nursing

2020/07/17  News

Survey For The Patient During Holiday 17th to 21st August

2020/07/15  News

How to protect your liver and prevent Hepatitis?

2020/07/09  News

Symbolism of Yellow Chrysanthemum

2020/07/02  News

Sunday​ and Public Holiday Clinic Schedule for Pediatric Department on July 2020

2020/06/23  News

Home Visit Postpartum Care

2020/06/22  News

“Challenge are what make life interesting; Overcoming them is what makes life meaningful” -J. Marie

2020/06/19  News

Congratulations to Her Majesty The Queen Mother NORODOM MONINEATH SIHANOUK on the occasion of her 84th Birthday.

2020/06/15  News


2020/06/15  News

Night Seminar Online - Predicting Motor Recovery & Goal Setting For Post-Stroke Patients

2020/06/11  News

The 3rd APSARA Course on General Medicine

2020/06/04  News

Sunday​ and Public Holiday Clinic Schedule for Pediatric Department on June 2020

2020/06/01  News

Happy Children's Day

2020/05/29  News

Blue Hydrangea Symbolize

2020/05/23  News

Red Gerbera Daisy Symbolize

2020/05/22  News

Blood Donation Event

2020/05/16  News

Sunflower Symbolizes

2020/05/15  News

Congratulations to His Majesty King Norodom Sihamoni on the occasion of his 65th Birthday.

2020/05/15  News

Thank you to all Nurse for putting so much care and kindness you give to our patients

2020/05/12  News

Every Flower Blooms in its own time - Ken Petti

2020/05/09  News

Blood Donation

2020/05/04  News

Telecommunication for inpatient

2020/05/02  News

You are capable of your healthiest and happiest life

2020/04/30  News


2020/04/30  News

Pediatric Department and Sunday Clinic Schedule at Sunrise Japan Hospital Phnom Penh​ for May 2020

2020/04/24  News

Sharing this beautiful gift from Nature stays positive everyone!

2020/04/24  News

Essential vaccines at your door-step​ and Special offer for Gold and Silver members.

2020/04/20  News

Home Vaccination at door-step

2020/04/17  News

Regular Cleaning for staff and patient's safety

2020/04/17  News

Droplet Guard Counter to Protect our Clients and Employees against infection

2020/04/11  News

Medicine donation from Sunrise Japan Hospital to National Pediatric Hospital (NPH)

2020/04/11  News

Happy Khmer New Year 2020

2020/04/09  News

Announcement Working day during Khmer News Year

2020/04/03  News

Announcement about Precautionary Measures (COVID-19)

2020/04/03  News

Sunrise Japan Hospital Phnom Penh Not Provide Test and Treatment for COVID-19

2020/04/03  News

How to avoid unnecessary exposure and protect yourself from COVID-19 in SJH

2020/02/18  News

Capital's Sunrise Hospital a shining example of 'warm heart' treatment